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I am looking forward for Spike Jonze’s new movie Her.

The film is set in the near future and stars Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, a lonely, soon-to-be-divorced writer who buys a new computer operating system named Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). Samantha is so human and intuitive that Theodore begins to fall in love with “her.”

A touching and somehow sad scenario of how our future of personal assistant might look like.

The Importance of great Brand Experiences

(c) Brian Solis & JESS3

"In today’s digital age, consumers expect more from the business they support and the products they purchase. Consumers not only expect great brand experiences, they believe they’re entitled to them. Experience are now directly tied to aspiration and intention, creativity and technology are merely the enablers. In his new book, What’s The Future of BusinessBrian Solis, the principal of The Altimeter Group, takes marketers through matrix of designing and connecting for consumers.”

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7 Steps For Social Media Crisis Management - PSFK

Good action plan for a social media crisis by Özgür Alaz, the co-founder of Promoqube, Turkey’s  leading social media agency.



The Secret McDonald's Recipe For Canadian Success

McDonald’s Canada transparency program “Our Food. Your Questions.”  is a good example for successful brand building in the 21st century.

"If you have a good story to tell, tell it. But you have to do it in a way that’s authentic, and you have to have that conversation with the customer. You can’t just preach to the customer these things that you know are true. You have to engage them, so that they can come to learn and believe it and build that trust with you."

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Harley-Davidson Will Be A Case History In Social Branding



Augmented Shopping - Interview with Scott Galoway

Today’s brands have to deal with increasingly well-informed consumers. While the majority of products is still purchased at local stores, more and more people search for those products online and make up their mind browsing through reviews and recommendations.  Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern and founder of think tank L2 about the latest shifts in brand positioning and digital marketing.



Freunde von Freunden featuring Andrea Willson

Take a look at the charming country house from interior designer Andrea Willson in Potsdam-Sacrow. Enjoying the countryside and being surrounded by family, friends and good food, this is a dreamhouse!

Das Internet der Dinge: Die nächste Revolution

Stefan Ferber im Harvard Business Manager: “Die Arbeitswelt steht vor einer Revolution: Die Geschäftsmodelle vieler Unternehmen werden sich durch die Vernetzung von Objekten völlig verändern, neue Konkurrenten tauchen auf. Welche Weichen Manager schon heute stellen müssen….”



Some men look at things the way they are and ask why? I dream of things that are not and ask why not?
Robert Kennedy

Metamind Interview mit Bernd Kolb (Gründer des Club of Marrakesh) über Krisen und die Probleme mit der Nachhaltigkeit.

Death to Bullshit and Information Overload.

At CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh, Brad Frost speaks on information, bullshit, craft and the future. Brad talks on the information overload we currently experience, how most of it is bullshit, and what this means for us moving forward.


Hamburg-based TWINKIND offers a revolutionary way of freezing a moment in your life.  They create life-like 3D photofigures of your dog,  a proud mother and her newborn baby, or an entire gentlemen’s club.
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Hamburg-based TWINKIND offers a revolutionary way of freezing a moment in your life.  They create life-like 3D photofigures of your dog,  a proud mother and her newborn baby, or an entire gentlemen’s club.

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Ozgur Alaz about why it is Time For Utility Marketing

Great facts about digital marketing. The marketing expert talks about how companies need to make their customers’ lives easier in order to gain their respect and attention.

The digital hard-sell behind Burberry's traditional image

The Guardian just recently published an article that gives a good insight in Burberrys successful digital marketing strategy. The 156 year old luxury brand seeing its fastest growth in online sales as it embraces social media…

An interesting chat with female entrepreneur Alexandra Mysoor about how omni-channel approach equals success in retail.